Envisioning Recognition in

the global economies

Medicine Production - Schazoo Pharmaceutical Private LimitedMedicine Production - Schazoo Pharmaceutical Private Limited

Currently, we have operations in

Mauritius Mauritius
Myanmar Myanmar
Hong KongHong Kong
Sri LankaSri Lanka

Schazoo envisions a worthy recognition in the global economies through its contribution to make improvement in vitality of life on grounds of internationally proven quality. Strategic alliances and agreements with international and local companies have been forged to bring healthcare benefits to the global community to help them lead healthier, happier lives. Our expansion internationally has enabled the company to emerge as a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Development

We pursue to establish alliances and long term partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies who share our business focus. For this reason, Schazoo keeps a continuos search of interesting products search of interesting products to add to its range of products. At the same time the company has always products ready to license to third parties. Schazoo also offers other companies the possibility to have their products produced in our manufacturing plant (GMP Production process.) Schazoo is opened to different projects that could be profitable and that follow our business line and focus.

Global Business

From the beginning Schazoo has shown clear international orientation. Our focus is to provide health care solutions of international standards. We wish to establish our presence as a strong multinational company in the health care sector.

The international Business division has a strong regulatory affairs department in which technically qualified persons are always working to prepare products dossiers and other regulatory documents to fulfill the requirement of different regulatory authorities of the world.

Product Line

  1. Solid Section: tablets, Capsules and Sachets.
  2. Liquid Section: Oral Syrups & Suspensions.
  3. Inject able Section: Various kinds of Ampoules.
  4. Sterile Ophthalmic Section: Eye Drops and Nasal Sprays.
  5. Antibiotics Section: Beta-lactam & other antibiotics.