Schazoo believes that “Can” of cancer, assures that you CAN beat it. Bringing cost effective, high quality oncology regimen for all cancer patients. Chemotherapy of breast, prostate, lung and all types of solid tumors including hematological malignancies are our prime focus. Playing a pivotal role in providing high quality oncology range in Pakistan and International Market.



Schazoo is passionate to create healthy and perfect smiles, introducing a comprehensive and diversified range of dental care products including dental chairs/units, dental implants and high quality dental materials with efficient sales service.


Hi-tech innovative molecules are in portfolio of Schazoo hepatology segment. HCV, GERD and other gastric ailments are at target.


Aiming to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and preferred, including immunosuppressants and hematopoietic agents. Schazoo aims to become a leader in this diversified segment.


Moving a step ahead and taking care of the beautiful children suffering from thalassemia. Focusing and helping patients with moderate-to-severe thalassemia, which can significantly improve their quality of life.