The fastest growing national company

The Schazoo Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd,  Today is one of the fastest growing national pharmaceutical companies for the last three years. The company has more than 50 years of manufacturing and marketing experience in pharmaceuticals.


For more than half a century, Schazoo Laboratories has been working to provide health care for the people nationally and internationally. Founded by Mian Ghulam Qadir (Father), Mian Shuja ur Rehman (Son) and Mian Zaka ur Rehman (Son) in 1951. With Mian Shuja ur Rehman as its 1st Managing Director, Schazoo has evolved into a diversified health care company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products that span the continuum of care from prevention to treatment and cure.

Headquartered in Lahore – Pakistan, Schazoo helps people across the world in their health care needs.

Early Years

In the year 1951 Schazoo becomes one of the first Pharmaceutical companies to setup a manufacturing facility with Mian Shuja ur Rehman as its 1st Managing Director. It starts manufacturing with simple formulations and galenicals. Because the company has solid technical manpower it rapidly gains technical expertise. It gains reasonable market share through the acceptance of consumer and medical profession.

This attracts the eye of Multinational companies like MERCK (Germany) and JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICA (Belgium) which enter into license manufacturing agreements with Schazoo in 1959.

In 1960 Schazoo becomes one of the first pharmaceutical companies to create sterile facility for manufacturing ampoules, vials and eye drops. Schazoo achieves an annual sales figure of Rs.1 Million for the year 1960.

Schazoo expands its licensing agreements by adding to its portfolio NORDMARK (Germany), CHEMISCHE WERKE ALBERT (Germany), LEPITETE (Italy), DAGRA M.V. (Holland), UPJOHN (USA) and HENRICH MACK (Germany), because of these extra ordinary efforts according to IMS, Schazoo in 1967 appears as the 6th largest company in Pakistan with an annual sales figure of Rs.10 million for the year 1970 which in ten times the sales declared in 1960.

Era Of Hard Times

1970 – 1980 was the worst decade in the history of Schazoo. In 1971 East and West Pakistan separated into two independent countries and Schazoo looses about 40% of its East Pakistan sales.

In 1972 Government of Pakistan introduces the generic drug scheme under which the sale was prohibited with brand names; this forced all of Schazoo’s license partners to leave Pakistan.

In 1976 the government repeals the generic schema and introduces the Drugs Act 1976.

Schazoo In Recent Times

In 1981 Mian Ahmed Shuja ur Rehman and Mian Muhammad Zaka ur Rehman from the third generation join Schazoo. Schazoo achieves International Asia Award for quality in 1986. Schazoo earns ISO 9001 Certification in 1999. Schazoo has also accomplished ISO 14001Certification in the year 2002.

In 2003, Mian Asad Shuja ur Rehman joins Schazoo as Chief Operating Officer. IMS declares Schazoo as the 6th fastest growing company in Pakistan.

The Board of Directors of Schazoo Laboratories decide to establish to new pharmaceutical units and as a first step two marketing companies were established, namely The Schazoo Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. (SPL) to be owned by Mian Shuja ur Rehman family and Schazoo Zaka Limited (SZL) to be owned by Mian Zaka ur Rehman family. The product range was divided into two and the groups started its functions independently.

Schazoo Today

The new plant of The Schazoo Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd was inaugurated in Year 2009. The current manufacturing plant of SPL is a new state of the art manufacturing unit, equipped with latest and modern Hi-Tech machinery. This purpose build plant is especially designed to comply with the standards of WHO, USFDA, Health Canada, EMEA, MHRA-UK Singapore, UAE and other regulatory authorities of the world.

At present the company is manufacturing products under strict quality control and according to cGMP. The existing processes are designed to produce injectables, capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Dry powders, Suspensions, Eye Drops and Nasal sprays.

The Schazoo Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd Today is one of the fastest growing national pharmaceutical companies for the last three years. The company has more than 50 years of manufacturing and marketing experience. Under the new management’s vision the pace of growth is accelerating to take advantage of every possible opportunity in the health care industry worldwide.

Schazoo is capable of producing any new product as our staff possess necessary technical skills in the use of modern production instruments and are competent to produce a variety of specialties. Schazoo is an experienced contract manufacturer that operates according to the CGMP standards.

The company has five product groups specialized in different product lines having four independent Marketing teams promoting for various therapeutic categories. Schazoo has very highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals in its marketing team. At present there are almost 250 highly trained field force members working across the country providing up to date information regarding Schazoo Products to the medical community. Schazoo has a strong network of distribution which has spread all over Pakistan. We have a strong penetration in each and every corner of Pakistan.